Version [AppStore 4.0+][GooglePlay 2.0+]


Qrenteerings app is developed to use individually (Training mode), with server-side scripts (Internet Event mode) or with QREvents application (QREvents mode), to organize competitions or quizes with QR codes as controls on course. But the app is capable for more. Especially, with use of QREvents application.

Mode "Internet Event" is for use, when organizers set registration site on web server. Users will get registration codes or they can register themselves, if server side is set to do so, to enter the event using Qrenteerings app. As an example, you can take a look into app's work, while registering with course code "course01", registration code "pass1" and server URL "https://rogaining.lv" (this is server by default in settings and may be set for organizers server). These registration codes may be scanned (see sample). Some sample QR codes for controls are provided. Scan them in event view one by one with some interval and send to server to see app in work. Alternatively, you can type controls code with app's built-in keyboard. Organizers can set up courses with virtual controls, so called, permanent courses, where users can go whenever they want and get punches at controls by GPS. Descriptions and/or quizzes may be attached to controls and loaded with app, while registering to event. Organizers may set up mass-start and timer shows time left to start and starts to count up with beginning of event.

You can see sample results on rogaining.lv

Advanced users with some programming skills can set up their own servers, even on local networks. App use some API calls, which should be implemented in server side software, namely, connecting of user, getting course information, uploading of visits. If you are interested about details - contact me.

Mode "QREvents" is for use as client, while app "QREvents" on another device is a server. Enter teams' bib number, which is set by organizer on QREvents. Then scan event's QR code from QREvents (printed or from screen) and event's extra data, if necessary (GPS control's info, etc.). You are ready to go. When finish control is taken, display teams splits for reading with organizers' QREvents application, where results are computed for event. That's it!

App is able to scan QR codes in low-light conditions using torch switch provided in scan view.


Timer starts, if control title's first letter is "S", and stops, if control title's first letter is "F". Also timer starts, when registering to event with mass start. If there is no Start and/or Finish on course, user sees time spent between visits to first and last control.


App shows preliminary results. After submitting to server, server side script may compute final results as organizers have set them up. App counts repeated visits to simple controls and controls with descriptions. Not counts to controls with quiz questions. Quiz questions for current version of app may be one choise questions.

Sample registration code

Codes on course